Blended Family Support Sources

Blending families is never an easy task. Even if everyone starts out viewing the new living arrangement as a positive one, tensions and stresses will arise. It is all a part of learning to live together. Remember, you are taking two very distinct family structures and trying to merge them together to make something new.

There is bound to be some resistance even from the most willing and happy of family members. It is important to realize that every blended family goes through a rough period of adjustment and, usually, it does pass. If your family seems to be having an especially difficult time blending there are some resources available that you can use to help smooth the process out.


Family therapy is a fantastic way for blended family members to air their issues in a safe environment. A therapist is not going to take anybody's side and, instead, will provide impartial third party insight into the situation. Sometimes it takes talking to someone who is not emotionally attached to the outcome of your therapy session to help you see what issues are truly laying underneath the surface of your troubles. Many blended families go through a few family therapy sessions as they learn to live together.


If your blended family attends church regularly you might seek some support from within the church's ranks. Your church probably has many different support groups and there is bound to be at least one or two that is geared toward blended family members whether it is for parents who don't know how to step parent, kids who are adjusting to new siblings or even entire families that want to work together to create a harmonious environment. Working with other families that have trouble blending can help you realize that your situation is not unique and the camaraderie you will find in the sessions can give you the boost you need to work through this difficult time.

Family and Friends

If you have friends who have been a part of a blended family or who have had to create a blended family of their own, ask them for advice. Even if you aren't comfortable asking for advice, friends and family members who have gone though your current situation are great sounding boards. Just having someone to talk to who can offer you comfort can do quite a lot to soothing frazzled nerves and stressed out hearts. Your friends will be able to help you figure out what is really bothering you or point out the different triggers for your stress and help you figure out how to deal with them.

The internet and bookstore are also full of resources on how to be a better blended family. Be careful when you consult some of these resources, especially if tension is running deep. Blind third party advice can be soothing and there will be times when you find useful information contained within a book's or website's pages but if you truly need help it is better to seek it in person. Good luck!