ABFA is the Association founded to improve the lives of Blended Families. Our mission is to be the "go to" organization to serve, support and enhance the quality of life for the fastest growing American demographic called...the Blended Family. We are 100+ million strong and must be heard across this land, and especially in every state.

To created change that serves our family demographic, it will take Americans like you to JOIN TODAY.

Approximately 2,100 new blended families are formed every day in America.
More than 20+ million Blended Family households exist today and that number grows daily. Research shows that by the year 2010 the 'blended family' will be the most common form of family unit in our nation. By 2010, 130+ million people either will be in or have been in a blended family of some form. (through re-marriage, adoption, foster home, etc)

So that you never feel alone in your Blended Family (step-family) journey the ABFA helps families, parents, grandparents, children and professionals have an organization that can speak as one voice and as an advocate. Your partnership in ABFA finally gives you a strong voice in issues and affairs of our nation. We create and are part of a demographic that holds political, legislative, and purchase power clout.

ABFA will represents you. Moving forward We will generally refer to the American Blended Family
Association as "ABFA" in publications and in all resources. We are the united force that will take "Action" and work with states in an "Alliance". The associations will be very 'action oriented' and play a leadership role via advocacy, lobbying, public relations, political races and local judicial activities across the nation, as we enact positive changes.

With nationally recognized leaders in various areas of counseling and legal assistance, we also can link families to professional and educational opportunities in their local areas. Over the course of the next few months we will start, develop and fund state agencies in individual states in the union, in order to work for legislative representation in legal system and taxation issues.

ABFA is a not-for-profit membership organization of blended families / step-families dedicated to addressing their needs and interests of 100+ million Americans. It is funded by the members to serve the members. ABFA works hard to enable families to have the opportunities, educational, legal and professional resources available in their lives in order to benefit themselves, their families and society.

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