References and resources for blended families & stepparenting / stepfamilies

National Stepfamily Resource Center ( - Clearinghouse of information, resources, and support for stepfamily members. Topics include counseling, finances, co-parenting, co-grandparenting, and more.

Stepfamily Foundation ( - Their mission is to assist you to make the family, as it is now, function well. They have created a successful management system for the stepfamily,the unacknowledged majority.

Kids Health ( Living with Stepparents - Article on feelings children might have when a new family is blended together. (Nemours Foundation) – Tips for making a second marriage a smooth and healthy transition. -Help with the issues and problems unique to the blended family. Ways to reduce and manage these problems. You'll find frank discussion, definitions, explanations, resources and many related pages to help children and families.

Blended family resource - Working with blended and step families, working with adolescents, Men's issues, Play Therapy (for children), Interactive Guided Imagery, Energy Psychology, and Gottman approaches for couples. Offers advice, direction, and understanding for stepfamilies everywhere